If you find yourself without a vehicle after a collision we’ll help you get back on the road with a rental Truck or SUV from Discount Car Rentals.

We have a modern, well-maintained fleet of vehicles suitable for any lifestyle, so we’ll be able to find something that’ll see you through until repairs are done.

No car? No problem!

We’re the only body shop in St. Paul with rental cars available right on the lot! Come to Northpark Collision in St. Paul and you won’t get sent on the run around.

Unlimited Kilometres!

Go as far as you want: Discount Car Rentals doesn’t restrict how far you drive in their vehicles. If you’ve got to get from Vancouver to Halifax then they want to help you do it.

Canadian Owned & Operated!

It was a natural fit between Northpark Collision and Discount Rental Cars in St. Paul. We’re both proudly Canadian, we’re both family-run businesses and we both started in the best decade ever- the 80s!

Since 1980, Discount Car Rentals has been offering easy car, van and truck rentals across Canada.

With cars ranging from an economical Toyota Yaris to a luxury Cadillac CTS, and trucks as big as 26ft with three tonnes of capacity, you can be sure that they’ll have a vehicle that fits you as well as your own.


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More Than Just
Replacement Cars

As a Discount Car Rental partner, we can access their full fleet of vehicles. That means that if you need to move house, pick up heavy items or maybe if you just want to change up your morning commute, then you can come down to Northpark Collision and we’ll fix you up with a Discount Rental Car that will suit you.

And You Get Petro PointsTM

Discount Car Rental vehicles don’t just come with a sweet-smelling air freshener on the rear-view mirror: each rental comes with Petro Points™ that can be redeemed at Petro Canada stations across the nation or additional vehicle rentals.

See Discount Car Rental's website for details.